Workshops Overview

Dudley Knight and Philip Thompson offered their first workshop in 2002 to introduce their work to speech teachers. Over the years, the workshops—and the work itself—grew, as did the audience it was reaching. The workshops drew the interest of actors, Speech Language Pathologists, linguists, and dialect coaches as well as theatre voice and speech teachers. Each workshop inspired new ideas, and deepened the body of work that came to be called Knight-Thompson Speechwork. A second workshop, Experiencing Accents, was added in 2010. In 2012, the first Teacher Certification program took place. And in the past year, we have expanded our offerings further to include shorter, intensive workshops in phonetics and in applied accent training.

Using the links below, you can navigate to the individual pages describing each type of workshop in detail, or to the calendar to see when and where the workshops will be offered. On the individual event page for each workshop, you can learn more about the dates and location for a specific workshop, sign up, or make a deposit to reserve a spot.

Each person wishing to take a Knight-Thompson workshop will have their own specific interests and goals, and some workshops may be more appealing than others for those reasons. Nevertheless, in order to be sure that each workshop can build on a foundation of shared ideas and skills, some workshops are prerequisites to others.  Those prerequisites are as follows:


no prerequisites

Experiencing Speech and Phonetics Intensive.

Experiencing Speech

Experiencing Speech, Experiencing Accents and Phonetics Intensive

If your long-term goal is certification in Knight-Thompson Speechwork, the slow approach is the most beneficial. The workshops are dense and information-packed. It is best to take each workshop in turn with time in between to assimilate new knowledge and skills and to practice implementing new techniques in the classroom, studio, or production.